"Rhyme or Reason" Exhibition

"Rhyme or Reason" 
May 15th - June 13, 2020
(in the gallery and online)


The ability to recognize patterns is a baseline skill of humans and “Rhyme or Reason” is an exhibition focused on artists who are making mesmerizing art with the use of patterns. Featuring work by Chad Alexander, Fred Kaems, Jim Ford, and Tony Conrad.


About the artists:
Whether Chad Alexander is creating a clothing line, collage or sculpture, patterns are naturally present throughout. A fascinating element considering that the artist’s work is challenging many traditional patterns of societal thinking such as identity and environmentalism. Using 100% recycled materials in his work not only limits the carbon footprint, but also creates a stronger bond within the creations. Every piece is woven together with history, emotion, and intention, to communicate a unique, organic narrative.

Fred Kaems often creates intricate hand-cut stencils of shapes and patterns in his art making. This time the artist chose to take inspiration from nature, exploring the patterns that occur in plants and animals.


Jim Ford’s series of Stripes paintings began as an epiphany, a resolution between maximalism and minimalism. The collection represents a concrete architectural style emphasizing parallel lines and layers that change with perspective for the viewer. Space is the picture frame for these works. The Stripes paintings interact with the perception of the viewer, while engaging in conversation with the room through color, line and texture.


Tony Conrad’s work has influences from various cultural and historical movements including Persian textiles, Tibetan Buddhism, psychedelic rock culture, and meditative states.  He is particularly drawn to the beautiful patterning that is central to these traditions.